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oliver connell | day one thousand & sixty-six

Hallowe’en 2011. This year we expected Oliver to really “get it” and he didn’t disappoint. Right from the beginnings of October, when asked: “What would you like to be for Hallowe’en Oliver?” He would say: “A Snowman!” Yup, a snowman. Guess he was thinking ahead to Christmas a little early this year. I dunno.

So Mum, the resourceful woman that she is, sourced out the cutest (and I mean cutest) Snowman outfit she could find. Oliver looked awesome in it!

And if you remember from last year, Oliver cried a whole bunch when we went trick-or-treating. Well this year, he bounced around from house to house, enjoying every minute of it. If this is a precursor to Hallowe’ens to come, we are going to have a lot of fun with our wonderful son.

Enjoy the photos and the short video below.


And a short video of the Hallowe’en aftermath…

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