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oliver connell | day twelve hundred & fifty-four

More goofing around at home, over a great pancake breakfast (as most typical Sundays begin in our household).


My little budding photographer took this great photo of me!

He also snapped this photo:

Oliver loves playing with the kids down the street. When he hears their voices outside, he will do anything to say hi and see what’s going on.

2 Responses to oliver connell | day twelve hundred & fifty-four

  1. Sheldon says:

    Hey I love these photos. Father and son having fun on a Sunday.

  2. Auntie Karen says:

    These pics are the greatest. Such a handsome couple. He is beautiful, Trevor. He must take after Gramma Connell in the artistic field. I know both you and Dana are very artistic also, but wanted to give some credit to your Mom. Say hi to Dana. Love you.

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