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oliver connell | day seventy-seven

Valentine’s Day. A special day in every couples’ heart. Oliver was two and a half months old at that point and Dana and I hadn’t been out by ourselves since before he was born. So, in an attempt to get a little alone time, Dana and I took Oliver to Grandma’s house in Victoria Harbour for her to babysit while Dana and I went to a movie. Oliver slept the entire car ride up, and didn’t really want to eat when he got there. For those of you that know and love Oliver, you know this is a bit out of character. So, Dana and I leave Oliver alone with Grandma and headed out to see He’s Just Not That In To You (Dana’s choice). We settled in with our popcorn, Swedish Berries, and our Root Beer for what we thought would be a nice two hours. Well, not ten minutes into the movie, I get a call from Grandma saying Oliver has been crying since we left and is pretty hysterical at this point. So, up we get from our seats, lucky enough to get a refund for the tickets, and head back to Grandma’s. Of course, upon our return, Oliver has fallen happily asleep. Happy Valentine’s Day Mum and Dad!

That’s my boy!






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