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oliver connell | day two hundred & fourteen

Canada Day! Celebrations happen across the country. They usually start with some sort of gathering, continuing with a BBQ and then some dessert, and they end with fireworks…they almost always end with fireworks! This year was no exception.

If I haven’t told you before, I’m telling you now: we have a wonderful group of neighbours! They are a very tight-knit, community-oriented and most certainly, kid friendly bunch. And this year, a bunch of neighbours decided to get together, close off our street, and have a block party. This consisted of a bunch of events for the kids during the day, a sweet potluck BBQ dinner, and…you guessed it, fireworks.

Even though Oliver was a little too young this year to understand what was happening, we all still had a great time. I took a couple of pictures of Oliver during the afternoon. They are posted below.

Isn’t he the HAPPIEST baby in the world?




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