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oliver connell | day four hundred & twenty-six

Oliver and I like to have fun with the camera. Oliver is still at the stage where he doesn’t really know why I am pointing a big lens to his face, but he will entertain the idea….for a little while at least.

On this day, Oliver and I were watching some of his favourite shows on TV. We were also trying to get a nice shot of him wearing his Scotland jersey that he received for Christmas from our dear friends Paul & Kelly. For those of you that don’t know, Dana and I got married in Scotland and Paul was a taxi-driver.


While we were in Scotland, when we wanted to go somewhere, we called Paul. Paul was chalk full over wonderful information about Edinburgh, the country, and he showed a genuine interest in our lives. He drove us to the castle for our wedding. He picked us up the morning after our wedding, with a bottle of champagne in hand. He even told us that if we ever were to come back to Scotland, that he wanted us to stay with him and his family! Can you believe that?

So fast forward to this year, we receive a nice little package in the mail from Paul and his family – complete with a Scotland jersey for Oliver. We wanted to send a thank you note to them, but include a picture of Oliver wearing the jersey. Hence, the photos taken below.

Sorry for the long story. The pictures just didn’t seem complete unless you knew why we took them.






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