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oliver 365 | volume’s one and two

As you’ve seen from this website, I’ve taken A LOT of photos of Oliver over the past two years. Besides posting the photos to this website, I’ve also created yearly memento’s in the form of coffee-table albums. These albums were given to Oliver for his birthday every year. The goal is to have a library of books to be able to give to Oliver when he is older. Hopefully he will cherish these photos as much as we do and will want to share them with his family, if he chooses to have one of course.

I still believe that the most important thing about photography is to be able to share memories with those you love. Part of that sharing is having a hard copy of the memory. We too often take our precious photos, email them around to each other, post them to facebook and as such, forget about them the next day. We don’t think about the repercussions of having not printed some sort of archive for future generations. When they look back at our time, the future us’s will look at all the broken hard drives and lost emails and see that we have nothing to show for it.

So with that, the Oliver 365 series was created so that it will never happen to Oliver when he is older.

Below are the two volumes created to date. You can preview the first fifteen pages and if you’d wish, clicking on the links will take you to a website where you can order your very own copy.

And don’t forget to print your own photos – it’s super important!


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