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oliver connell | day seven hundred & ninety-nine

Superbowl Sunday: the king of all sporting events. Many around the country and the world get together to eat, drink and watch some football. More and more Superbowl Sunday is less about the football game and more about the gathering. I would normally say this is true for our household except The Pittsburgh Steelers were back in the Superbowl again this year. We bleed black and gold around here!

This year Oliver was old enough to understand a bit of what was happening. From the photos below, you can see that Oliver and I have our jerseys – supporting our team. In the video at the bottom, Oliver learned what the refs do when someone scores a touchdown. It’s too cute for words.

A quick thanks to Tigh, Janet, Isabelle and Leigh for spending the evening with us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!


and a video of Oliver and Tigh goofing around

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