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oliver connell | day eleven hundred & seventy-six

Oliver loves cars. Period. Exclamation Point. Whatever you want to put after that sentence, it applies. We’re not sure where he gets it from because neither Dana nor I share the same drive (no pun intended) for automobiles. I mean, we like them but we don’t LOVE them the same way Oliver does. But we do like to please our child. So, with that in mind, we ventured down to the Canadian International Auto Show. We actually had a great time. We got there before it got really busy and we were able to leave just before it got crazy. Oliver got to climb in and out of a lot of fun cars/trucks/Jeeps/etc. and I think he had a good time. We also bumped into our good friends Isabelle and Leigh which was a nice treat. Oliver also got his picture taken on a motorbike; hopefully that will be the last time we see him on one of those!

After the show, we were pretty tired so we came home and do what we always do when we are tired: we made popcorn and watched a movie together on the couch. All in all, it was a great day in the Connell household.


If all goes according to plan, hopefully this will be my next vehicle (The Mazda CX-5)

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