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oliver connell | day eleven hundred & ninety

I’m not really a morning person. Never have been and frankly, I doubt I ever will. But something that makes mornings a lot more bearable is having Oliver come up to our room and cuddle with us in bed. When he was younger, we never really brought him into our bed. Honestly, he wasn’t a baby that wanted to be with us. He would feel most comfortable in his crib and would ask to go back there if we tried to bring him in bed with us. But when we converted his room to have a big boy bed, he started waking up in the mornings and coming upstairs to get us. Sometimes he would bring his toys up to play on the bed while Dana and I would try to wake up.

This morning was particularly fun, not because of anything super special, just because Dana was able to capture the feeling of what it’s like to cuddle with my son. NOTHING beats it!


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