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oliver connell | day two thousand & sixty-four

It’s no secret I love to barbecue. I’m not the best at it and I don’t nearly get to do it enough, but I do love to be in front of a grill. I also love to eat. And you all know I love to make photographs. So when a local BBQ store called BBQ’s Galore had a photo contest called Canada’s Best Burger Competition, I knew I had to enter.

The contest rules were relatively straight-forward: take a photo, include yourself, your BBQ and your best burger in it, and submit it to the competition. I’d had this image in my mind of Oliver and I huddled around a charcoal grill, making burgers and enjoying the summer day.

The contest prize was for a pretty sweet Broil King Gas BBQ and a Broil King Keg Charcoal Grill. Man would I love one of those Keg’s!

I was quite happy with the results as it’s quite tricky to use the self timer, include yourself in a photo, and make the scene look natural.

I didn’t win – but I had a great time in the process. Maybe next year!



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