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oliver connell | day 2504

We’re cat people. There, I said it. I’ve always thought of myself as a dog person until I owned a cat as a pet. I was converted. Sold.

So, when we lost both of our elder cats within the same year, it hit us hard. But we slowly got ready to become pet owners again. Dana and Oliver were a little quicker to come around than I was. We now know it was because we were waiting for the perfect fit for our household. And that would be Dash.

A client of mine posted a photo and a brief description of Dash on her facebook page. She said that a family she knew had to give up their newly adopted kitten because of some severe allergies their daughter had developed to the kitten. They were heartbroken. He was such a great cat and they were hoping that a good family would be able to take him.

I saw the photo and read the blurb and I just knew. It wasn’t just because he was adorable. It also wasn’t just because we’d be helping out a family that had to give up their pet. It also wasn’t because Oliver used to call himself “Dash” when the Incredibles movie was in style. No, it was something else. Something I couldn’t ignore but still can’t put my finger on, even to this day.

So after a lengthy couple of days of not being sure if the Adoption agency he went to would allow us to have him, we brought Dash home on a Friday evening. He seemed a little timid but he didn’t cry out nor did he put up a fuss while we drove almost an hour’s length of time home.

It was time to put Oliver to bed and that’s when we knew Dash would fit in just fine. We heard those magical purr’s loud and clear. Dash cuddled up with us as we said goodnight to Oliver. Everything seemed to be complete once again.

Here are some photos of Dash’s arrival home and some portraits of Dash the next morning.















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