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oliver connell | day 2526

Hallowe’en is one celebration that ranks highly in Oliver’s books. I think he takes after his Mum that way as she LOVES Hallowe’en. As a boy, I didn’t really get that “into” Hallowe’en. I did the normal dress-up/trick or treating that most kids do. But what I remember most about Hallowe’en is being in a hockey arena. As I got older, I mostly spent October 31st playing hockey and not out on the mean streets. I guess it was probably better that way 😉

But Oliver loves to think about what he is going to be for Hallowe’en. It changes often and he and Dana start early in the year planning his outfit. And when I mean early, it’s usually still summer early!

He also loves decorating pumpkins. This year as we carved our “family” pumpkin together, Oliver decorated a smaller pumpkin with his Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head pieces. What creativity!

We then had Oliver’s friends Lily and Jordan over to go trick or treating. This year again the Dad’s took out the kids and the Mom’s stayed home and handed out the candy. Win-win situation if you ask me.

Of course I had left my camera at work so these photos were all captured on my iPhone. Oh well, at least we got a document of the event.










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