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oliver connell | day six hundred & eighteen

We had been meaning to get up to Kingston to visit the “Dirties” for some time and finally in early August, we were able to clear one weekend and go and see them. The Lamoureux Clan also showed which meant there were a lot of boys under one roof! We laughed, we played with the boys (and Marlo), we ATE (my goodness did we eat!) and we even had a little adult alone time with our friends playing cards and having drinks. It was great to see everyone again. It was also great to recharge and get away for a night. You quickly remember that’s what summer is all about.

There are some of my favourite images below. The rest of the set can be found here.

Thanks again to the Dowkers for the great hospitality. You guys are so generous and great friends.










And here are a couple of videos from the day:

Oliver, Leo and Max playing the piano – could this be the “bands” first video?”

Uncle Yvan proving that he is slim enough to dive through the giraffe!

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