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oliver connell | day six hundred & seventy-two

We like to get outside as much as possible. And since we are planners, this sometimes means that we have an outdoor excursion set for a day where the weather might not cooperate. This was the case one Saturday in October where we had planned to go to Chudleigh’s Farm in Milton Ontario. We wanted to spend the day on the farm, playing with the animals, romping in the pumpkin patch, and exploring all the other sites and amusements Chudleigh’s has to offer. But of course, it had to rain that day. And it wasn’t really a nice, tolerable rain for 10 minutes then the rest of the day is beautiful. No, it was drizzly, and wet and damp for most of the day.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop our excursion and we really had a good time. We will most certainly be going back next year. I’m sure as Oliver gets bigger he will enjoy even more of the activities they have there.

As always, there are some images below and the complete set can be found on my Flickr site here.


And some videos of Oliver “Mooing” at the goats:

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