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oliver connell | day seven hundred & one

Hallowe’en….Oh Hallowe’en.

Hallowe’en was fun last year as it was Oliver’s first. Dana planned out this Fighter Pilot outfit that just worked so well given Oliver’s size and age. As you can see from the images we took last year (click here), Oliver took his role very seriously.

This year we had high expectations for the day. Dana picked out a farmer’s outfit for Oliver, complete with overalls, a straw hat, and a wagon full of straw and farm-related toys. Unfortunately, Oliver was a bit under the weather, and it was quite chilly to boot, which didn’t make for a very fun time for any of us. Oliver didn’t want to wear his hat, and when he realized we weren’t going for a walk (which was his favourite thing to do at the time), he threw a bit of a fit.

So what was the solution to Oliver’s troubles? Well, turns out Oliver is much more of a giver than a receiver. Oliver LOVEDwatching the trick or treaters come to the door and he equally enjoyed handing out candy to them. Who knew right?

I’m not gonna lie here: the pictures run the gamut of emotions. Oliver was first a little annoyed, then he was down right upset, then with the help of a little chocolate he was ok, and then at the end of it all he was a happy camper. Please stick with us until the end ok? LOL!


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