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oliver connell | day seven hundred & sixty-seven

Oliver and I spent the evening of day seven hundred and sixty-seven watching the Canadian Word Junior Hockey team compete for the gold medal against the Russian team. I say compete because all was good until the third period and when I had to put Oliver to bed. As you can see below, Oliver and I had a great time watching the game together in our Team Canada jerseys. However it started to get late and it was past Oliver’s bed time. So, I put him to bed and he was quite unhappy about it. I just think that he had a feeling as to what was coming next because by the time I got Oliver into bed and settled, the Russians had scored the tying and go-ahead goals in what was probably the greatest example of self destruction one has ever seen in hockey. So, I guess you might say Oliver was “saving” me because I missed the goals!

Anyways, there is always next year and I promise, Oliver and I will be in front of the TV again, proudly sporting our jerseys, cheering on our boys!


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