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oliver connell | day seven hundred & seventy-seven

Being a photographer it’s important to stay up with the latest technologies. So, to be able to offer my clients a better finished product, it’s also important to upgrade equipment when newer products come available. The Canon 5D Mark II has been on my wish list for the past couple of years. Even though the camera is now three years old, it is still recognized as one of the best cameras for wedding and portrait photographers. So, I finally took the leap and picked one up. I’m very happy with the results this camera produces and look forward to using it for my client sessions this season.

As part of the testing process and getting used to the new features, I’ve shot some video and some stills of Oliver over the past couple of months. The images and video below were the first initial test shots. The quality of image in low light scenarios is astounding. The video features take a bit to get used to and as you can see below, I had a bit of some focusing troubles during this session. But I’m getting better! It’s all a learning process and who better to learn on than my son! LOL!

Anyways, enjoy the photos and the video.


and a short video make with the new camera and iMovie ’11

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