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oliver connell | day seven hundred & eighty-four

Back about a month and a half ago, I got a facebook message from a friend saying that she saw Oliver 365 on display in an indigo by where she lives. I was a little thrown off by this post because why would Oliver 365 be on display in an Indigo? How did they even get a copy of it? So the following Saturday morning, Oliver and I went out to investigate. If this was true, I had to get a picture of Oliver and I in front of the display.

When we got to the Indigo, Oliver ran straight for the Thomas the Train setup that most Chapters/Indigo’s have in their stores. Oliver LOVES to play with the Thomas the Train set.

So once he was finally done (after about 45 minutes I had to pull him away from it), we went looking for the display. And there the book was, featured right there with some other self-published books. Turns out, Indigo has struck a partnership with the company that I created and printed the book through, www.blurb.com. A little while back, Blurb contacted me to purchase the rights to Oliver 365 for their displays and promotional materials. And with the displays showing up in Indigo stores, it’s a wonderful feeling to see a book about my Son, published by me, on display for all to see. It was a very proud moment!

We thought it was great and we had an Indigo employee take a photo of us in front of it.

Later that night, to celebrate I made my first home cooked Prime Rib and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes. I think they turned out quite well and even whipped up a plate for Oliver to eat too.

As you can see, he really didn’t want any of it. His loss I guess…LOL!

I hope you enjoyed this little story!


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