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oliver connell | day one thousand & thirty-six

Pancake Sunday. It’s become a staple around the Connell household. It’s something that Oliver and I do together every Sunday morning. I get up and have a shower and get dressed. By this time, Oliver is awake and wanting to head downstairs to make pancakes. Both he and I make them while Dana gets some much needed time to lounge a bit in bed. When they are ready, Oliver calls up to her and she joins us. We’ve got a pretty good system going here.

Oliver starts the cooking off by sampling a few of the chocolate chips that will be going into the pancakes

As I start to mix the ingredients together – Oliver loves to help

But his attention is quickly diverted by something else he loves to do: sort the spices

And as the first pancakes finish cooking

Oliver can’t wait any longer!

The final product when I finally get to dig in

On this morning, Oliver then got dressed in some new clothes and modelled a bit for me

And when it comes time to go outside, Oliver isn’t happy about wearing his touque

A face only a Mum or Dad could love

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