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oliver connell | day one thousand & forty-five

For three years running now – we’ve taken a little family trip to Downey’s Farm. If you recall, the first year we just took Oliver to their pumpkin patch. The second visit, we actually explored all that the Farm had to offer. It was a great time and we’ve enjoyed going every year. This year we went with good friends Yvan and Kathryn, along with their beautiful children Leo and Marlo. It was another warm day and we found ourselves surrounded by a ton of other families. Note to self, try to avoid visiting the farm on the Canadian Holiday days, there are just too many people!

But again we took some fun photos in the pumpkin patch, went on a pony and wagon ride, and played with all the toys and different activities they have. It really is a great place for families to spend the day – especially in the wonderful fall weather.

Enjoy the pictures!


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