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oliver connell | day one thousand & eighty-seven

For Oliver’s 3rd birthday, Dana and I wanted to redo his bedroom. We knew we had stretched Oliver’s sleeping in a crib for as long as we could. It’s not very often that you hear of toddlers still sleeping in a crib by their third birthday and even though Oliver was still fine with it, we wanted to do something special. We had purchased a frame and headboard the previous month, and we had gotten a new mattress for when the time came to transfer him into a big boy bed. So, the weekend before Oliver’s birthday, we shipped him off to Grandma and Papa’s house so we could make the transformation.

When Oliver came home, he absolutely loved the room and he has transitioned flawlessly into his new bed.


I then went up and spent the day with my Mom and Dad. Since they weren’t going to see Oliver on his actual birthday, we celebrated that day instead. They spoiled him rotten (again) with clothes, matchbox cars, Chuggington trains, a new part of his track, and an awesome dinner and dessert, complete with cupcakes and ice cream. Needless to say, Oliver (and to some extent I) were in heaven!

The photo below is Oliver’s first photo of his Papa. I held the camera for him, he pointed it and pushed the button. I think it’s great!

And if you have 9 minutes, here is a video of Oliver’s birthday celebration:

All in all, we had a great and super productive weekend.


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