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oliver connell | day eleven hundred & forty-one

Now I believe last entry I talked about hibernating on the couch in our cozy living room during the winter. Yup – last time we made some goofy faces and snapped some pictures. It was fun. This time, we actually really did document our newest Sunday afternoon ritual. And even though I botched the family portrait of the three of us by overexposing it (I still love it because of all the sun rays in the photo), we had a lot of fun eating popcorn, watching movies and making memories. It’s becoming our favourite Sunday afternoon past-time.

PS: Last time I said that Oliver always just wants to watch Cars 2. Well this time he sat and watched (and I think enjoyed) The Incredibles. He kept picking up the DVD case and looking at all the pictures – I think that was a good sign that maybe we’ll be able to watch some different movies now….Here’s to hoping!


I love this photo Oliver took of me

The botched exposure on our family portrait (still love it though)

Dana took this fleeting shot of Oliver and I and I love it (moire and all!)

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