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oliver connell | day eleven hundred & forty-nine

Oliver and I took another visit to Grandma and Papa’s house – this time to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a great winter to head north because for the most part, the roads have been good and it’s nice to escape to some snow! We haven’t had much down here where we live.

So on this weekend, Oliver and I played outside with Grandma and Papa; enjoyed wonderful meals (my Mom certainly knows how to spoil me with food) and overall just had some fun together. We even played some indoor mini-golf! Oliver’s getting really good with his hand-eye coordination. That’s something I’ll definitely promote more of this summer when we can get outside and do some fun activities.

But for now, we’ll just have to stick to making fun photos 😉


This is another photo Oliver took of me!

Oliver and I gave Dana a framed print of this for Valentine’s Day…

And a short video of Oliver enjoying some lunch at Grandma & Papa’s:

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