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oliver connell | day eleven hundred & sixty-nine

So today was a biggie. Well it was for us at least. Dana took Oliver to her salon (Soho Salon & Spa) to get Oliver’s hair styled for once. Oliver has been getting the nine dollar hair cuts for a while and it was time to see what a professional could do (not that the people who normally cut his hair aren’t professionals but you know what I mean). Dana also had an appointment to get her hair coloured too. Since Oliver has far less hair, he was done first and one of the ladies at the salon gave him some paper and markers to colour with. So Oliver says: “I’m going to write my name” and proceeds to do so! Dana was in complete shock because although we have been working on him looking at his name and recognizing the letters, we haven’t really worked that hard with him actually spelling it out. He can draw an “O” for the first letter of his name but that was about it. Or so we thought. Oliver basically wrote out his name! He forgot the “I” (but really it’s just one stroke, that’s pretty much the easy one….) and his “E” was backwards but other than that – he did pretty great for a three year old!

So have a look at the pictures below and see for yourself!


Oliver’s new styled haircut

And this is what Oliver wrote as his name

And Dana said: “yes, that’s it. Here’s what it looks like”

So Oliver wrote it again (to prove to us it wasn’t some fluke of nature I’m sure – he’s like that you know)

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