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oliver connell | day twelve hundred & twenty-four

Another year and another Easter was upon us. This year, the Easter weekend fell on the same weekend as Oliver’s Papa’s birthday so we had two things to celebrate. So, we headed up to Victoria Harbour for another memorable visit full of good eats, presents and good company. It was such a beautiful day, we spent a good chunk of it outside. Also got to meet the newest neighbours Mike and Cindy, who are super great. Mike even treated Oliver and I to a little ride on his ATV. It might not look like it from the two photos at the bottom, but we had a blast riding it! And for the record, normally I am a safety freak and wouldn’t have even thought about getting on this machine without a helmet but on this particular day – Oliver and I were feeling a little rebel-ish. Oh, and the ATV basically crawled down the driveway – we didn’t go very fast at all.


Another shot of me by my photographer-apprentice Oliver:

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