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oliver connell | day fourteen hundred & ninety

Christmas Day is a day most of us look forward to. This year however, I think most of us in the Connell household would just rather hope that next years is better and forget what’s already been.

You see, Oliver was sick, then Dana slowly came down with the flu as well, culminating with all three of us getting it and effectively ruining our Christmas/New Year’s plans and holidays this year. We didn’t start feeling better until the first week of January, which as you know by then, most holidays are over.

So, we woke up Christmas Day morning and Dana fell out of bed. She didn’t have any energy. We trudged our way through the gift opening process but it wasn’t the joyous occasion we had hoped. Oliver and I then made the trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas Day dinner. It was nice, but as you can see from the photos, Oliver looks pretty beat. We stayed the night and went home the next day, hoping we’d find a happy and healthy Mama but alas, she was in the exact same curled up position on the couch where we had left her. Things were not looking up.

But I’m happy we got to make a few photos this past Christmas. At least there is some documentation that we made it through. One of my favourite family portraits of Oliver and his Grandparents came on this trip so I have to be thankful for that!












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