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oliver connell | twenty two hundred & seventy-four

As a Dad, there are some things in life that you want your son to experience for the first time with you and no one else. When I grew up, the Toronto Maple Leafs were a staple in our household. If there was a Leaf’s game on, that’s what you were watching. Now I haven’t been militant with Oliver that way (we don’t even have cable so how could I?) but I did want to take him to his first Leaf’s game. It was something my Dad did with me and I wanted to carry on the tradition.

As a bonus from work, I got two tickets to the Toronto-Winnipeg game this past February. Not really knowing how Oliver was going to be or how long he would last at the game, I kept an open mind. My patience paid off as Oliver was great! He lasted the whole game, even into the overtime where we watched the Leaf’s win! Since they were on a really horrible losing streak at the time, it was a great game to have gone to! It was an awesome night being a Dad and being able to experience that with my son; one I’ll never forget.





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