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oliver connell | day 2574

Every year we make it a point to go and see Santa at the Bramalea City Centre. It’s literally one of the only photos we get done of all three of us each year. I know, I know, I’m a photographer and family photos should come easy to me. I get it. But it’s tough to pin down Oliver these days at this age because he doesn’t want his photo taken anyways. I imagine that’s because I had a lens shoved in front of his face all those previous years. It’s payback from me now!

Anyways, we cherish these Christmas photos with Santa, as cheesy as they may be.


PS: For those astute viewers, no Oliver and I didn’t plan to wear matching shirts. I left for work early in the morning wearing this outfit and when we met up at the mall after work, Oliver was wearing the same colour and patterned shirt. If only he had a beard, he could be a mini-me!


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