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oliver connell | day seven hundred & thirty

November 30th was fast approaching and Oliver was turning TWO! We put together a small birthday party and had our families over to celebrate. Everything was going great until Oliver starting opening his presents. We mistakenly gave Oliver our present first which was a train set that he really wanted. We knew he would like it, but had no idea that he would like it so much he wouldn’t want to open any more gifts!!! LOL!

So we ended up having to take a break while Oliver opened and set up the train set. Once that was done, we were able to resume with the present opening and Oliver got some wonderful presents from his family.

We had dinner, and then some cake and ice cream. Dana made a coffee cake which was decorated with a winter scene, complete with you guessed it…a train set! He just loves his trains right now.

I wonder what next years thing of choice will be?

Anyways, enjoy the pictures and video below!


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