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oliver connell | day seven hundred & fifty-one

Last year we took Oliver for the first time to visit Santa at the Bramalea City Centre and we had a lot of fun. Surprisingly to us, Oliver was very good with Santa. We’ve all heard horror stories of kids fearing Santa and I must say, we were a little relieved to know that was not going to be the case with our sweet Oliver.

So when it was time to take Oliver to see Santa this Christmas, we’d hoped the outcome would be the same as last year. And sure enough, Oliver didn’t disappoint. This year, we had to wait in line for a bit to get our chance with Saint Nick. The family in front of us had barely cleared Santa’s knee when Oliver went running towards him, arms outstretched, calling his name. It’s one time I’d die to replay over again so I could have the chance to record the moment. It was that cute.

So I guess we’ll just have to settle for the pictures below. Luckily for us, they are pretty wonderful in their own right!


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