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oliver connell | day seven hundred & fifty-six

Another Christmas morning was upon us and Oliver didn’t get up until later in the morning. Not sure if he just didn’t understand we were going to open presents or if sleep was more important to him. Nonetheless, we were downstairs and opening presents at a decent hour, none of this 5am stuff that some families seem to go through.

What were weren’t expecting was for Oliver to not want to open any presents! He saw his stocking that was filled with goodies from Santa and he opened that. He got 4 or 5 toy cars in it from the movie Cars and that is all he wanted to play with. It even got to the point where Dana and I had opened most of our gifts and Oliver still didn’t want to open any more of his. It was quite humourous as you can see from the video below. That’s Oliver saying: “No Tank You” when we were asking him if he wanted to open another present.

Anyways, once our Christmas morning was all done, were were off to Dana’s Mom and Dad’s for Christmas Day dinner. We were joined by Alison, Arek and Julia. As usual, Oliver had a blast playing with his cousin.

We ate, drank, opened gifts and enjoyed each others company immensely. Christmas time is always such a busy time but when you get to stop and enjoy it for a second, it’s always a lot of fun. I’ve especially enjoyed these last couple of years because there really is nothing like Christmas when you have young kids in the household.

Enjoy the photos and the video below.


here’s the video from Christmas morning opening presents:

and the video from our wonderful Christmas Day dinner and Nana and Grand Dad’s:

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