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oliver connell | day nine hundred & eighty

In August, Dana and I returned to our family cottage “Cedar Tip” to try another week of vacationing with Oliver. If you recall, the first trip was when Oliver was still quite young and unfortunately, it was more work than a vacation. We had high hopes for this years trip and it didn’t disappoint. We spent the week with Oliver’s Grandma and Papa and our close family friends the Hodgdon’s from the States. Oliver quickly developed a crush on Christie, who was absolutely wonderful at entertaining him.

We enjoyed boat rides, shore Lunches, trips to local towns, fishing, swimming and eating. The weather was just wonderful too!

The week seemed to go by so quickly this time around. We are very happy with the memories we created at Cedar Tip this year and look forward to many more family vacations up there in the years to come.

Below are a bunch of images we took and a short video. I hope you enjoy.


and a short video of Oliver’s new crush Christie playing catch with him

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